Operating suites built for surgeons, by surgeons.

Welcome to CSC where the headaches and frustrations of the traditional hospital surgery model are well known. Whether it’s inconsistent or untrained staff, outdated equipment, or simply an  unwelcoming environment for your patients, as surgeons we have all dealt with that disappointing, yet familiar feeling of compromise. Comprehensive Surgical Care (CSC) was born out of living these frustrations and knowing that there had to be a better way forward. A better way for us, our care standards, and our time. We welcome you to take a virtual tour (below) of one of our newest facilities.

It’s time to move past the restrictive and compromising nature of the hospital and traditional ASCs. Give yourself and your patients something better.
Procedural-based care continues to rise and the outpatient revolution is here to stay. CSC offers physicians like you a place to move the surgical side of your practice forward. Just like your patients ultimately decide what is right for them, only you can choose if an ASC is the right place for you.

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